The Ideal World For Me: My Utopia

The human-made world is a reality created to give endless pleasure. However, at what price? Utopia can be a unique view for each individual. However, we all share the desire to enjoy ourselves and fulfill these desires. My personal vision of utopia resembles the imperfect, flawed reality of Canada in the 21st Century. A world of unlimited pleasure for everyone is an emotionless and false reality. My ideal world could be described in a few words as “a dystopian utopia”. I would fix environmental problems, political, economic, and social flaws. Rather, I’d maintain a healthy mix of chaos and order in my utopian world. In my utopian dream world, i would improve one’s life quality by implementing humanistic views and allowing an appropriate amount of chaotic reality to remain.

It is vital to create a democratic and free society. The foundation of democracy is equality, protection, as well as chaos. It is utopian to live in a place that has democracy. In my “utopian-dystopia”, the form of democracy would be similar to Canada, if it is not identical. The government of my “utopian dystopia” will have certain levels that are in charge of the welfare and well-being of the utopia. This includes healthcare, justice, international trading, and life quality.

My utopia adopts the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Particularly, the reasonable limitations clause will become an essential part of the everyday life of my utopia. A police force or military, in comparison, is what I consider essential to create both fear and a feeling of security. According to a humanitarian concept, in an ideal world it would be mandatory to help the poor and the underprivileged. The only reward is satisfaction. Military and police personnel should promote and practice the humanitarian doctrine when on the ground.

As a less serious note, we should make it second nature to promote environmental awareness and reduce our carbon footprint. It is important to create a sustainable utopia and a healthy environment. In smaller subdivisions, such as towns and cities, there will be large green areas that must be maintained in a good condition. In a similar vein, utopian divisions should be based on equality and diversity. However, it is not possible to achieve diversity because people tend to gravitate towards those who are similar to themselves. My utopia will be inclusive and equal, but this does not mean that one’s freedom of expression is being violated. In truth, though, I would like to see Hogwarts become a ligament-school and happy dogs all over.

I would create a utopian society that would improve the quality and quantity of human life by promoting humanitarian values, but still allow a small amount of chaos for reality to remain.



Jacob Cunningham is a 26-year-old education blogger and teacher who resides in the Pacific Northwest. Jacob's teaching and writing focus on the use of technology in the classroom, and he is a frequent presenter at education conferences around the country. Jacob's work has been featured on sites such as The Huffington Post, Edutopia, and TechCrunch.